The Tajikistan National Testing Center lists its fees. Price increased

From March 1, the main stage of registration of applicants for centralized entrance exams will begin at the National Testing Center of Tajikistan (NTC).

In this regard, the NTC, in agreement with the Antimonopoly Service, announced the prices for the services provided in 2023.

As noted on the center’s website , the cost of the services provided is set taking into account the costs of organizing and conducting exams.

The amount for re-registration (main session) in case of making changes to the initial choice, as before, is 25 somoni.

The list of persons who have benefits when paying for NTC services includes:

– persons under the age of 21 who are orphans or persons without guardianship. They are exempt from paying for services for passing centralized entrance exams;

– persons under the age of 21, whose father or mother has died or they are in the care of one of the parents, disabled people of the 1st and 2nd groups and children with disabilities. They pay 50% of the cost of NTC services.

Persons with the specified benefits must submit relevant documents during registration .

Applicants must pay the appropriate amount in advance to “Amonatbank” or through the “Deposit Mobile” mobile application and submit a payment receipt along with other required documents.

Detailed information on registration for the exam can be obtained from the information and methodological manual “Applicant’s Handbook”, the printed version of which is distributed free of charge by the NTC to educational institutions, and the electronic version is available on the Center’s website.

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