Tajikistan’s president honored CoES rescuers

Today, February 27, Tajik Prime Minister Kokhir Rasulzoda presented awards to the rescuers of the CoES, a detachment that participated in search and rescue operations in Turkey. The meeting was held at the Republican Educational and Methodological Center of the CoES.

Rasulzoda presented gifts on behalf of the President of the country: the participants in the liquidation of the elements in Turkey received certificates, industry medals and military ranks, the press service of the CoES of the republic reported.

Kokhir Rasulzoda thanked the rescuers and stressed that they fully coped with the task.

The members of the rescue team themselves, as well as the head of the Committee, Rustam Nazarzoda, noted that they are always ready to fulfill all the tasks assigned to them, both within the country and abroad. 

After the official ceremony, Kokhir Rasulzoda got acquainted with the activities of the Training Center, examined the classrooms and offices, which are equipped with the necessary equipment.

From February 10 to February 22, rescuers of the CES in Turkey pulled out three alive from under the ruins: 5 days after the tragedy, a 6-month-old child and a man, and then another 3-year-old child, and also removed the bodies of 217 people.

source: asiaplustj

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