Tunisia: Bakeries to Relaunch Protests Over Halt in Flour Supply

The Professional Association of Modern Bakeries, which is affiliated with the Tunisian General Labour Union (CONACT) announced yesterday that its members would once again protest against the halt in flour supply to  their businesses.

The association said in a statement: “Due to the difficult social situation and the suffocating financial conditions that modern bakery owners are currently living through, they decided to return to protesting.”

The statement added that the current situation the owners are living in is “a result of their complete cease of activity since 1 August due to not being provided with basic materials for the bread industry thanks to the decision issued by the Ministry of Trade and Export Development.”

The statement added that the association decided to return to organising protests starting Monday outside the headquarters of the Ministry of Trade in Tunisia.

Modern bakeries are privately-owned and produce baguettes and other kinds of bread and pastries in which they use part of the subsidised flour.

Source : Middle East Monitor

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