Tajikistan drastically cut wheat and bread imports in January

In January 2023, Tajikistan significantly reduced imports of agricultural products and food products.

According to  ASIA-Plus , citing data from the country’s statistical office, flour imports in the first month of this year amounted to only 2.7 thousand tons in the amount of $865 thousand. This is 24.7% less in kind and 10.6% less – in monetary terms compared to January 2022

Imports of wheat to Tajikistan amounted to only 66.2 thousand tons worth $20.6 million, which is 18% less in kind and 12.7% in money terms than in the same period last year.

Also in January this year. supplies of finished food products (sausages and other meat products, sugar and confectionery, bread and bakery products, juices and other drinks) decreased by 8.5% compared to January 2022. Imports of vegetable products also decreased by 8.8% origin (rice and other cereals, vegetables and fruits, melons, tea, coffee).

At the same time, in the first month of this year, Tajikistan increased imports of animal products (meat, milk and dairy products, eggs, etc.) by 20.6%.

source: apk-inform

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