Local Council Elections to Be Held in December, Says Tunisia’s Isie Spokesperson

Tunisia – Local council elections are expected to be held in the first half of December 2023, according to the spokesperson of the Independent High Authority for Elections (ISIE), Mohamed Tlili Mnasri.

He was speaking to TAP during a ceremony held in Sfax on Thursday to honour those who had contributed to the national project to define municipal boundaries and draw up the administrative map of Tunisia’s territories.

The ISIE has been preparing for this electoral date and is currently waiting for the decree on the delimitation of the electoral districts and the electoral writ to be issued.

Commenting on the possible postponement of the 2024 presidential elections, Mnasri explained that in line with the authority’s agenda and the 2014 electoral law, which is still in force, the presidential elections have now become regular, pre-determined events.

As a result, the upcoming presidential event will take place on time, during the last three months of the presidential term: September, October and November 2024.

Source : Zawya

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