Stella Cadente: ‘I Love Paris but My Heart Belongs to Morocco’

Stella Cadente found inspiration in Moroccan culture and heritage, particularly in Caftans and embroidery.

Stella Cadente’s fashion show at Marrakech’s Mandarin Oriental hotel.

Rabat – Marrakech’s Mandarin Oriental hotel hosted an “exceptional” fashion show on February 24, showcasing the latest collection of multidisciplinary designer Stella Cadente.

As the exhibition’s theme was exotic birds, it featured designs with bright colours. ‘All the women you can see resemble exotic birds, some of the capes have pink feathers like parrots,’’ the designer told Morocco World News (MWN).

The French designer highlighted that she draws inspiration from everyday life and the beauty of people.

Stella Cadente made the rather emphatic point of how she has always found inspiration in Moroccan culture and heritage, particularly in Caftans. “I was so inspired by Moroccan traditions, I love Caftans. So, we’ve been working with the atelier, and the first time was very challenging.”

Finding inspiration in Moroccan culture

For the first time, the designer showcased designs with homemade embroidery. “It’s the first time I’ve presented homemade embroidery, and you’ll see it on the sleeves, top, and skirts,” she explained.

Models debuting Stella Cadente’s designs

Describing the Mandarin Oriental hotel a “paradise,” the designer said that she prefers that models behave as they would in real life and have fun while wearing her dresses rather than having them walk back and forth in the exhibition.

Marrakech’s Mandarin Oriental hotel

“I enjoy watching how people carry themselves in their attire; it must be both comfortable and unique,” she explained.

Model debuting Stella Cadente’s designs

The French designer’s passion for Moroccan culture compelled her to make it her permanent residence.“Though I love Paris and had my entire life there, my heart belonged with Morocco,” she enthused.

“I then made the decision to relocate here [Morocco] due to the local culture, handicrafts, and manufacturing practices, and my dream is now a reality,” she said.

Highlighting Morocco’s talented youth and potential, she said, “There is so much energy in this country, and so many young designers full of talent and an enormous appetite for doing things, that I’m confident this country has a bright future, and I’m proud and happy to be a part of it.”

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Multifaceted career

The Italian name Stella Cadente means “shooting star” in English. “When you see a shooting star in the sky, you can make a wish, and the wish will come true,” Cadente said, explaining why she chose the name.

Stella Cadente’s multifaceted career includes fashion design, jewelry design, cosmetics design, interior design, and illustrations. She studied fashion design both in Paris at the Court Bercot, and in New York at the Fashion Institute of Technology. 

Models debuting Stella Cadente’s designs

The designer created her own brand “Stella Cadente,” opening her first shop in 1991. Throughout the years, she launched accessories lines, as well as bags and jewels collections for famous designers such as Chanel, Swarovski, Chloe, Dior, and Baccarat.

The designer describes her brand as “a bright, poetic and enchanted universe, which is declined in men and women’s clothes, lingerie, cosmetics and accessories.”

Cadente also worked in interior design for hotels and restaurants in Paris, and there are several Stella Cadente boutiques operating in Morocco including in Marrakech and Essaouira.

Marrakech’s boutiques include Boutique Stella Cadente (Dar el Bacha), Boutique Stella Cadente (sidi Ghanem), Rooftop Stella Cadente, Corner Riad El-Fenn, Corner 33 Majorelle as well as Corner Jaal Riad Resort.

Meanwhile, Essaouira hosts Corner Histoire de Filles boutique.

Speaking of the recently opened Riad boutique Dar el Bacha in Marrakech, the designer said: “It’s a whole concept. I searched all over the city until I fell in love with Dar el Bacha, and we decided to open a Riad concept store that features multiple spaces dedicated to something. For example, you have a kitchen where you can buy plates and a room where you can buy cushions.”

Due to the riad’s blue-painted tiles, the French designer chose to maintain the Moroccan touch. “ I decorated everything in blue, because the tiles of the riad were originally blue,” she said. “I didn’t want to destroy everything; I wanted to go from something very Moroccan and the Riad was already very nice.”

Speaking of her upcoming projects, the designer disclosed that she is currently redecorating two riads and one house in Marrakech, as well as a hotel in France and a castle near Paris.

Source: MWN

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