With Spain’s match this Sunday, Morocco will have to definitively forget about the possibility of Lamine Yamal representing its team in the future. She will no longer be selectable.

Lamine Yamal, to his 16 years, is stealing all the looks in the football. His irruption in the FC Barcelona, where has turned into a key player in the plans of Xavi Hernández in spite of his youth. It has despuntado like one of the footballers more desequilibrantes and differential, a factor that has carried him to jump stages and live in dynamics of the ‘big’.

His exert in to City Condal allowed him give the jump to the absolute of Spain, although they existed doubts on the posibildad that it chose to Morocco like selection, although before it had formed part of the inferior categories of ‘The Red’. The true is that, although Lamine has left clear that it wants to triumph with the Spanish selection, always has existed the fear.

The case is that the dispute will finish this Sunday. With the party in front of Georgia with which Spain closes the phase clasificatoria to the Eurocopa, Lamine will leave to be an option for Morocco. It deserves to remember that in the statutes of the FIFA establishes that, after four internacionalidades, the players will not be able to change of country. In the case of the footballer of 16 years, already has three presentations (and two titularities).

Lamine Yamal will be ‘fixed’ for ‘The Red’

That is to say, when it see minutes this Sunday against Georgia, without mattering if it is headline or no, will become only selectable for Spain. It is a big news for the Federation, that wanted to protect it from a principle by the big talent of a player that has impressed to Luis de la Fuente and company. They want to have he on a long-term basis.

Lamine Yamal has impressed in these first announcements with the national selection. It has added three, but in the second had to withdraw by an injury that had suffered with the Barça. In any case, has despuntado like a player determinant and that, besides, has goal. It has registered two in three parties and his influence has been total. It seems impossible that can leave to go in in the plans of ‘The Red’.

Source : FCBN

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