A loud explosion was heard in the temporarily occupied Crimea on Tuesday, June 13. He was heard in the Kirov region.

It is reported by RBC-Ukraine with reference to the “Crimean wind” .

Locals report that a loud explosion was heard in the Kirovsky district.

It is noted that the direction was tentatively to the city of Stary Krym.

The situation in Crimea

Recently, cases of shooting or explosions have increased in Crimea. The so-called occupying “authority” of the peninsula accuses Ukraine of drone attacks and reports on allegedly “successful” air defense work.

So, on June 11, due to an explosion in the Crimea, a section of the railway track was damaged .

And in May, a military helicopter of the occupiers was damaged at an airfield in Crimea .

In addition, the invaders are actively preparing for the defense of the peninsula. They dig trenches along the beaches and put up concrete “dragon teeth” for fear of a breakthrough by the APU.

Source : РБК-Україна

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