NATO Secretary General Explained That He Would Change the Possible Creation of the NATO-Ukraine Council

The possible creation of a NATO-Ukraine Council would mean a significant strengthening of the partnership between the Alliance and Ukraine, and it would be a body capable of making joint decisions.

According to European Pravda , NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg stated this at a briefing.

He explained that there is a fundamental difference between the already existing format – the Ukraine-NATO Commission – and the Council that can be created: the Commission is a format for consultations between allies and a partner country, where decisions are not made.

“If the allies agree to create a NATO-Ukraine Council, it would mean that it will be 32 equal participants at the same table, and that this is a body that can make decisions … This is a structure for much deeper cooperation, for joint decision-making, if all members of the Council will agree, and this would signify a significant strengthening of the political partnership between Ukraine and NATO allies,” Jens Stoltenberg explained.

The Secretary General also said that  consultations on the model of  Ukraine’s movement into NATO are ongoing.

Source : Українська Правда

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