Morocco Says Male Guardians No Longer Required For Under 45 Women at Hajj

Rabat – Morocco’s Ministry of Islamic Affairs has announced new regulations for Hajj, including the abolition of the requirement for women under 45 to be accompanied by a male guardian in the upcoming Hajj season.

In a statement it issued earlier today, the ministry informed Moroccans of the opening of the payment process for this year’s Hajj and the passing of new regulations for next year’s Hajj season.

Also detailed in the ministry’s statement is that applications from those who have already performed the Hajj within the last 10 years and those who are younger than 18 years old will not be accepted.

Meanwhile, the statement added that fees for this year’s Hajj season will be paid in full between February 27 and March 10 at Al Barid Bank agencies across Morocco.

The pilgrims include those who were granted permission to perform Hajj during the previous pilgrimage season as well as those on 2019’s waiting list to complete the quota, the ministry detailed

The announcement of Hajj fees will take place no later than February 15, the ministry promised, adding that the first trip for the current season will begin in early June 2023 and that the pilgrims’ stay will be lasting between 28 and 30 days.

Islamic Affairs Minister Ahmed Toufiq has said that Morocco’s quota for the “1444 AH Hajj” season is set at 34,000 pilgrims.

Last month, Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Umrah and Hajj announced that all COVID-related restrictions imposed on Muslim pilgrims seeking to perform Hajj rituals will be lifted this year. 

Prior to the outbreak of COVID-19, Saudi Arabia used to receive 2.5 million pilgrims per year.

In its statement last month, the Saudi ministry also announced that priority will be given this year to those who have not performed Hajj rituals before.

Source: Morocco World News

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