Following Hostile Resolution, European Parliament Invites Polisario’s Sultana Khaya

Rabat – The European Parliament (EP) continues to intensify its hostile campaigns against Morocco and the country’s domestic affairs.

European Parliament Member (MEP) Andreas Schieder extended an invitation to controversial Polisario member Sultana Khaya, who took part in a meeting organized at the headquarters of the European body on Tuesday.

“Together with Sultana Khaya and the other members of the Intergroup we are discussing human rights breaches in the occupied territories,” Schider wrote on Twitter, reiterating his and other MEPs hostility towards Morocco.

The invitation comes amid intensified hostile campaigns from some MEPs and the European Parliament against Morocco and the country’s territorial integrity as well as interference in its judiciary system.

On January 19, the European Parliament adopted a hostile resolution, accusing Morocco of “harassing” and “intimidating” journalists, activists, and dissidents in the diaspora.

Around 356 MEPs voted in favor of the resolution, while 32 others voted against it. The remaining 42 MEPs abstained from voting.

Khaya’s invitation has been perceived as another hostile act against Morocco the activist has been involved in several controversies against human rights.

Khaya has recently sparked outrage after she publicly called for an armed conflict in Morocco’s southern provinces.

Footage and pictures emerged of the self-described human rights activist Khaya as she was photographed holding a firearm and calling for war against Morocco. 

The footage went viral instantly, prompting many questions about Khaya’s self-presentation as a pacifist human rights activist.

Throughout the past years,  Morocco’s Permanent Representative to the UN, Omar Hilale, addressed a series of letters to the UN Security Council to expose Khaya’s maneuvers serving the agenda of the Polisario Front and their biggest supporter, Algeria.

“Sultana Khaya is in no way a defender of human rights, but indeed an agent working for Algeria and the Polisario,” said the Moroccan ambassador.

Recalling the self-proclaimed activist’s provocative acts and attacks against Morocco, Hilale stressed that Polisario and Algeria finance Khaya with a monthly stipend of €4,300 to serve their agenda in her capacity as president of a non-registered association under the “Sahrawi league for the defense of human rights.”

In response to hostilities targeting Morocco, the Moroccan parliament is organizing today a ew debate and conference to discuss the flagrant attacks from the European parliament.

The debate will convene members of Morocco’s parliament, representatives from civil society, experts, and lawyers, who will all examine the bases of the systematic attacks.

Source: Morocco World News

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