Citizens gathered outside the Moroccan parliament in Rabat on Wednesday to show their support for to protest Morocco’s normalization of ties with Israel in a show of support to Palestine.

The demonstrations began Saturday in several cities of the country, two years after the resumption of diplomatic relations between Morocco and Israel.

The Moroccan Front for the Support of Palestine and Against Normalization said in a statement on Saturday that these protests are the consequences of this normalization.

“Today this sit-in organized in Morocco in front of the parliament, is to say for the umpteenth time that we are against the normalization of relations between Morocco and the Zionist state and that the crimes that are perpetrated against the Palestinian people continue, including the killings that took place in Jenin recently and which saw the death of ten martyrs,” declared Nabila Mounib, General Secretary of the Unified Socialist Party, member of Moroccan parliament.

On December 10, 2020, Israel and Morocco announced the resumption of diplomatic relations, after their suspension in 2000.

On the 22nd of the same month, the Moroccan government signed a “joint declaration” with Israel and the United States, during the first visit of an official US-Israeli delegation to the capital, Rabat.

The Moroccan demonstrators expressed, according to the statement, their “rejection of any form of normalisation, and reaffirmed their unconditional support for the Palestinian cause.

“We are here today with the (Moroccan Democratic) Front and the Group for Palestine to condemn once again the creeping normalization of the Moroccan regime with the Zionist state, with the Zionist colonialist state; we are here because we see that our country is rushing into normalization with the Zionists. This normalization is making us lose our national sovereignty,” said Abdelhamid Amine, member of the Moroccan Democratic Front.

Indeed, the cities of Berkane, Oujda, Meknes, Casablanca, Khouribga, El Jadida, Beni Mellal, Tangier, Errachidia, Agadir, Taza, Safi and Mohammedia have been the scene of demonstrations for several days.

An opportunity to renew the absolute popular rejection of relations with the Zionist entity.

In addition, Moroccan organisations and parties are organising rallying points in support of the Palestinians and al-Aqsa.

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