FPS Food Process Solutions Expands Global Reach with New Offices in Morocco and Mexico

FPS Food Process Solutions, a leading provider of freezing and cooling equipment, has announced the opening of its new Middle East/Africa (MEA) office in the Tanger Med port facility in Morocco.

Serving as a regional hub, the FPS MEA office will enhance logistics and operational efficiency across the Middle East and Africa, offering value-added services such as sales, parts, service, and retrofits to FPS customers.

Jeffrey Chang, President of FPS Food Process Solutions Corp., emphasized that the new location enables both FPS and its clients to leverage world-class hub services and substantial cost savings, thanks to the infrastructure at the Tanger Hub Port Facility.

FPS Mexico office boosts support for Latin American market

In addition to the Morocco office, FPS revealed the launch of a facility in Monterrey, Mexico, in March.

This facility will oversee the Latin American market, including countries such as Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Argentina, Ecuador, and Peru, and provide support for Canada and the US. The new office offers sales, engineering, and parts and services.

Chang highlighted Latin America as a crucial export market, with the expansion aiming to increase production capacity and improve hygienic standards to meet global demand.

The focus will be on the meat, poultry, produce, and bakery sectors, which are experiencing significant growth. FPS Mexico is confident that their anchor clients will help attract more long-term customers, turning the region into a multimillion-dollar business.

Source : Potato News Today

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