U.S. Verde Hydrogen Company, a global leader in the transition to carbon zero hydrogen solutions, has said lately it signed an agreement to develop and commission a 2MW green hydrogen electrolyzer project in Morocco.

The project, which will be completed in early 2024, represents a breakthrough development to both the Boston-based company and the green hydrogen market in North Africa.

Verde Hydrogen project comes after several international companies announced plans to build green hydrogen plants in the North African Kingdom.

Green hydrogen is produced using electricity that comes from a renewable source (Solar, Wind, Hydro, etc.), without any CO2 emissions. To produce Green H2, a method called electrolysis is used. Electrolysis consists of using electricity to split water molecules into Hydrogen and Oxygen.

Verde Hydrogen offers state-of-the-art Hydrogen Electrolyzers – that include the world’s largest containerized single-stack electrolyzer to a multi-GW hydrogen electrolyzer combination.

Verde’s CEO Steve Cameron said “We believe the new project in Morocco will be just the first of many installations we will have in this region that will play a crucial role in the hydrogen economy’s development.”

Morocco aims to create an economic and industrial sector around green molecules, particularly hydrogen, ammonia, and methanol, to consolidate its energy transition by contributing to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The country’s huge potential in renewable energy sources will support its green hydrogen development. The aim is to use green hydrogen production to promote Moroccan economy and strengthen the Kingdom’s energy security.

Source: The North Africa Post

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