Spain is partnering with Italy and Morocco to facilitate the export of green hydrogen, while excluding Algeria from the plans. 

According to Spanish media, the decision comes as the European Hydrogen Backbone (EHB) initiative presents an updated version of its vision for a hydrogen transportation infrastructure across Africa.

It was anticipated that Spain would use the Medgaz gas pipeline, which connects Spain with Algeria, for importing and exporting green hydrogen by 2040. However, the latest map reveals a change in strategy, the report explains.

The Maghreb gas pipeline was originally used to transport gas from Algeria to Europe through Morocco. However, in October 2021, Algeria refused to extend its engagement contract while citing alleged “hostility” from Morocco as its reason for ending the pipeline contract.

The decision to suspend the contract came just a few months after Algeria’s decision to sever diplomatic relations with Morocco, an announcement that Morocco described as “unilateral action.”

The pipeline is now used to send gas from Spain to Morocco, as the North African country is using Spanish facilities to regasify LNG.

According to the revised plans reported by Spanish media, Spain will no longer use the Medgaz pipeline for hydrogen transportation by 2040. Instead, the country aims to establish the H2Med, a pipeline that will link Barcelona with Marseille by 2030.

In addition, Spain intends to connect its hydrogen infrastructure with Italy through a 792-kilometer-long pipeline, connecting the cities of Barcelona and Livorno. The pipeline is expected to become operational by 2040.

While Algeria is excluded from Spain’s hydrogen plans, the connection to the Maghreb gas pipeline, currently used for gas exports to Morocco, will be maintained.

The possibility of purchasing hydrogen from Morocco in the future and transporting it to central Europe is also being explored using the existing pipeline, the report adds.

The decision to exclude Algeria from the hydrogen plans comes amid strained diplomatic relations between Spain and Algeria. 

Spearheading these developments is the European Hydrogen Backbone (EHB) initiative, which comprises thirty-two energy infrastructure operators. Spanish company Enagas is part of the plan, with Maria Sicilia currently holding the shared presidency.

Source: Morocco World News

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