Marrakech, a city known for its iconic historical sites, suffered badly when a powerful earthquake rocked its foundations in early September.

The 6.8 magnitude quake not only claimed nearly 3,000 lives in Morocco, but also left a significant scare on iconic landmarks

“The damage to the historical monuments varies according to each region and its distance from the epicentre of the earthquake. The most damaged is the Tinmel Mosque, which was close to the epicentre of the earthquake in Ighil, as well as some mosques in Marrakesh, such as the Kharbouch Mosque. The other monuments sustained minor damage,” explains Rachid Chahmi, historian in Marrakech.

The country’s Ministry of Culture has taken on the challenge of restoring these architectural gems, employing skilled artisans to reconstruct the time-honoured beauty.

“It must be dealt with great caution so that all stakeholders and experts who work side by side, in an initial stage through field inspection, can inspect the losses that have been caused in those monuments. And the second stage is re-maintenance, which requires great experience, not only maintaining the building, but preserving the historical, cultural and engineering spirit of those buildings,” informed Khadija Malki, architect.

Nevertheless, the restoration process has started, slowly bringing back the tourists and the unique colours of the city.

“We come to see the city, despite the earthquake. We wanted to enjoy the experience, understand the culture, see the sites affected (by the earthquake), to understand a little bit more how people live here and how they survive, and to enjoy the experience,” shared Polatat, a tourist from Ecuador.

With each passing day, the memory of the earthquake diminishes, allowing both locals and visitors to once again embrace the city’s defining beauty and spirit.

Source : Africa News

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