Morocco Ranks Among Top Five Countries to Protest Israel’s Ongoing Aggression in Gaza

In the wake of Israel’s unyielding actions in Gaza, a meticulous analysis, drawing primarily from data provided by ACLED and the UN, unfurls the intricate layers of the global response to the Israeli government’s treatment of the Palestinian people, placing Morocco among the top 5 countries to protest Israel’s ongoing aggression in the Gaza Strip.

Worldwide Backlash: A Unified Stand

The report says that the onslaught in Gaza has led to 4,200 protests, 38% of all demonstrations globally. This collective global consciousness transcends borders as it passionately reacts to the unfolding humanitarian crisis in the beleaguered Gaza Strip.

Of these global protests, a resounding 90% (approximately 3,700 events) unequivocally declare solidarity with Palestine. This overwhelming support shows a global narrative that is aligned predominantly with the plight of the Palestinian people.

Graphic 1: Gobal protests in response to Israeli aggression against Gaza

The remaining percentage intricately splits between pro-Israel demonstrations (13%, over 520 events) and neutral stances (approximately 2%, translating to around 100 events), painting a nuanced yet divergent global perspective on the intricate layers of the conflict.

MENA Region Spotlight: Moroccans Take a Stand

While 55% of these events unfolded in the Middle East and North Africa, a focused lens on Yemen (490 events), Turkey (357), Iran (276), and notably, Morocco (267).

Graphic 2: Top 5 countries to hold global protests in response to Israeli aggression against Gaza

Morocco’s place among the top five countries protesting the conflict shows how near and dear the Palestinian cause is to the Moroccan people.

Jamal Al Shobaki, the Palestinian Ambassador to Rabat, asserts, “The Kingdom of Morocco has consistently shown support for the rights of the Palestinian people on all international fronts.”

This unwavering commitment is mirrored in street demonstrations fervently demanding an end to Israel’s perceived apartheid and the liberation of Palestine. Urgent appeals for an immediate ceasefire to quell the ongoing crisis further underscore Morocco’s resolute stance.

America’s Internal Fracture: Shifting Tides of Support

The United States emerges as a microcosm of internal polarization, witnessing over 60 counter-demonstrations where pro-Israel and pro-Palestine factions locked horns. This internal strife unfurls the intricate tapestry of the issue as the nation grapples with its historical alignment with Israel amid a growing diversity of perspectives within its population.

A damning report from the Brookings Institution revealed a notable shift in support for Israel post-Hamas’ October 7 attack. Ever since, support for Israel has plummeted from 30.9% in the third week of October to a stark 20.5% in early November, signaling a seismic change in sentiments among the American populace.

On October 31, a pro-Palestinian demonstration took center stage during a US Senate hearing, passionately urging the nation to cease its support for the Israeli war on Gaza and endorse a ceasefire. This growing American dissent contrasts starkly with the US government’s decision to vote against the UN Security Council resolution calling for a ceasefire.

International public opinion has shifted as the toll of Israel’s collective punishment on the Palestinian people climbs, surpassing 11,450 lives lost including 4,650 children, 3,145 women,  while almost 30 000 others are injured,222,300 homes are damaged and 54,100 homes completely destroyed.

Source : Morocco World News

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