The growth of Morocco’s military industry is more than a fact. Morocco is one of the 10 states with the best arms capacity in Africa, according to the latest report by the company Global Firepower (GFP), and has become one of the powers that has developed its military capacity the most. 

With the support of the United States and collaborations with other military powers such as Israel, Morocco has begun preparations for the creation of new industrial complexes dedicated to the manufacture of battle tanks and military equipment with the aim of achieving total independence in the field of national security. ​

PHOTO/FILE - Ejercicios militares African Lion
PHOTO/ARCHIVO – African Lion military exercises

Becoming an industrial centre and exporting arms abroad requires a huge budget. That is why Morocco increased its Defence budget by 2024 to Dh124 billion ($12.2 billion), with a draft law for the funds to be used to buy and repair weapons, support and develop the Kingdom’s Armed Forces (FAR) and the defence industry with a new record growth. This is a “military deal and an effort to gain national confidence and independence”. 

It plays an important role in the development of the economy and trade and is gradually achieving independence in the defence industry by transferring advanced technology, attracting foreign investment and creating jobs. 

PHOTO/FILE - Ejercicios militares African Lion
PHOTO/ARCHIVO – African Lion military exercises

Minister of National Defence Abdellatif Loudiyi confirmed that Morocco has started preparing a vision for the creation of an industrial zone specialised in the defence industry and explained that it is laying the foundations for a state-of-the-art defence industry. Moreover, Morocco is the only country in Africa to have a factory for spy, kamikaze and attack drones.

“The Kingdom has taken firm steps to build a high-tech defence industry and has received many requests from foreign countries to invest in this sector,” Abdullatif Loudiyi said. This was achieved through “partnerships and agreements with several leading countries in this field to promote indigenous weaponry for the Moroccan Armed Forces”. According to experts, Morocco will not only achieve a significant degree of independence, but will also benefit economically and socially by creating military-industrial projects on its territory. 

PHOTO/SAUL LOEB/AFP - El ministro marroquí delegado de Defensa Nacional, Abdellatif Loudiyi, pasa junto a una guardia de honor mientras llega para asistir a una reunión de ministros de Defensa de la Coalición Global para Contrarrestar al ISIL en la Base Conjunta Andrews en Maryland, 20 de julio de 2016
PHOTO/SAUL LOEB/AFP – PHOTO/SAUL LOEB/AFP – Moroccan Minister Delegate of National Defense Abdellatif Loudiyi walks past an honor guard as he arrives to attend a meeting of defense ministers of the Global Coalition to Counter ISIL at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland, July 20, 2016

In recent years, the FAR has established a roadmap for technological development and modernisation. The Moroccan army has strengthened its military capabilities and brought its defensive and offensive systems to the technological forefront. 

During this time, the National Security Institute has proven to be effective and efficient in addressing major security challenges, maintaining peace and ensuring the safety of citizens and property. According to the trust index report published by the Moroccan Institute for Policy Analysis, the police were found to be the most trusted, with 92%. 

PHOTO/AFP - Helicóptero Apache
PHOTO/AFP – Apache helicopter

Hisham Moatadid, a Moroccan researcher in strategic and international affairs, confirmed to Al-Arab that this approach will strengthen Morocco’s regional and continental position in the field of military investments, with economic and security dimensions linked to geopolitical developments in the region. 

To meet the country’s needs in military equipment and spare parts, which require a lot of money from the national budget, trade, strive for self-sufficiency and independence, and then rework this industry and export it to brotherly and friendly countries. He pointed out that “the defence industry would encourage competition within Moroccan universities to develop scientific research”. 

Source : Atalayar

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