Haftar Engages Tribal Leaders After Arrest of Ex-Minister Al-Barghathi

Libyan National Army commander Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar held talks with leaders of the Barghathi and Awagher tribes on Saturday following the apprehension of former Defense Minister Al-Mehdi Al-Barghathi in Benghazi last Friday.

Marshal Haftar met with prominent Barghathi elder Abdulsalam Abdelati Al-Barghathi and Awagher tribal chiefs in the city of Al-Rajma. Also in attendance were the LNA chief of staff, military prosecutor, and deputy interior minister for eastern Libya.

The meeting came after the arrest of Al-Barghouthi, a member of the Barghathi tribe, along with other militants during a security operation against an armed cell that had infiltrated Benghazi.

Source : Libya Update

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