Surgut customs detained a lady carrying a million rubles to Tajikistan

Employees of the Surgut post of the Tyumen customs detained a woman who was heading to Tajikistan with undeclared money, the press service of the department reports.

The woman, whose name and nationality were not disclosed, intended to carry 1 million 167 thousand rubles in hand luggage on the Surgut-Khujand flight.

“She was stopped in the “green zone” of customs control. The amount equivalent to $10,000 was returned to the passenger on receipt, and 451.5 thousand rubles, which became the subject of an offense, were confiscated,” the press service of the department reports.

On this fact, an administrative case was opened, the case materials were sent to the court. The violator faces a fine of up to twice the amount of undeclared money or confiscation of these funds.

In Russia, when moving cash over $10,000 equivalent across the customs border, it is necessary to fill out a customs declaration. Written declaration of currency does not entail the payment of customs duties and is free of charge for the declarant.

At the same time, if the cash exceeds the amount of $100,000 in equivalent, a document on the origin of this income is required when declaring. 

source: asiaplutj

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