Morocco’s Nuclear Safety Agency Moves to Digitize Services

Rabat – Morocco’s Nuclear Safety Agency (AMSSNuR) announced on Tuesday that it is moving to digitize its services in collaboration with the National Ports Agency (ANP) and the Customs Authorities (ADII). 

In a statement, AMSSNuR says that the new service, effective as of Tuesday, will “facilitate and streamline import operations, accelerate customs clearance and cargo removal procedures, and reduce the waiting times of goods at the port.”

The process for granting import authorizations for ionizing radiation sources and the exchange of control results is now 100% digital via PortNet-SIGAM, the statement explains.

Speaker at the AMSSNuR digital platform launching ceremony

The service is part of Morocco’s ongoing efforts to simplify end-to-end integration of logistics and foreign trade chains through the National Single Window for Foreign Trade “PortNet.” 

According to AMSSNuR, the service will mainly facilitate the submission of import authorization requests for ionizing radiation sources and for the exchange of control results through PortNet and AMSSNuR’s Integrated Business Activities Management System (SIGAM).

As a result of a three-party agreement, import authorizations will be exclusively delivered via PortNet-SIGAM, “providing economic operators with a simplified and fully digital process.” 

Entities seeking to import ionizing radiation can now create import authorization requests through PortNet-SIGAM by providing the required information and making payments for the services provided by AMSSNuR via the PORTNETPAY platform, ensuring a quick processing of their operations through secure electronic exchange in real time with AMSSNuR’s information system, the statement adds. 

“We aim to achieve a much stronger responsiveness, as well as transparency, and to avoid unnecessary travel and the use of paper and energy that was previously required,” AMSSNuR Director Said Mouline told Morocco World News (MWN) on the sidelines of announcing the launch of the platform.

In addition to optimizing its operations, the platform would also allow the agency to enhance traceability, paving the way for more transparency, Mouline explained.

Created in 2014, AMSSNuR’s founding purpose is to develop a regulatory framework for non-military use of nuclear energy. 

Launching ceremony for the AMSSNuR digital platform

Over the past five years, the Moroccan agency has made significant strides in establishing itself as a continental model for best practices in the field.

“We must be very vigilant,” he insisted, adding that the platform will “not only facilitate authorizations but also provide much more transparency to all our activities.”

In 2018, the agency entered a collaboration program with the European Union on nuclear safety. The program allowed the agency to emerge as “an example for Africa” in terms of capacity building in the field of nuclear safety and protection against nuclear hazards.

In September of this year, the agency cemented its reputation as an African model by joining forces with the International Atomic Energy Agency (AIEA) to boost Africa’s know-how on nuclear safety.

The two parties organized a series of training sessions for 32 representatives from 13 African countries on the best practices for the safe use of nuclear reactors for medical and research purposes.

Source : Morocco World News

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