Moroccan MP Claims Gas Firms Fraud to Manipulate Fuel Prices

The MP suggested that some companies buy Russian energy products, which are 70% cheaper than fixed prices from international markets, and forge documents and receipts to manipulate fuel prices.

Fuel crisis in Morocco

Rabat – Moroccan parliamentarian (MP) Abdelkader Taher has renewed concerns about ongoing dysfunction and manipulation in Morocco’s fuel market.

The MP, who is a member of the Socialist Union of Popular Forces (USFP), has called for an investigation into potential manipulation in the energy market.

“Some companies that import energy products to supply national market have started importing Russian diesel as it is 70% cheaper compared to international fixed prices. The Russian diesel prices do not exceed $170 per tonne,” the MP said, addressing his question to the Ministry of Economy.

Taher added that some of these companies that import Russian gas “manipulate and forge imports documents and receipts,” to allude that their imported products are coming from GCC countries or the US so they can sell it at higher prices to make “staggering revenues.”

“All of this happens with the explicit complicity of the company managing the fuel depot in the port of Tanger Med, away from any control of the state’s financial apparatus,” the MP said, stressing the need for the ministry to open an investigation to detect the source of fuel imports and their prices.

The MP’s accusation comes amid ongoing concerns about skyrocketing and soaring prices of goods and products, including fuel across Morocco.

Amid the continuous claims and vows from the government, Moroccans are left pleading for gradual decreases in prices, yet gas prices continue to flare.

Diesel and gasoline prices are ranging between MAD 13 and MAD 14 across the country from their initial prices estimated at MAD 9 and MAD 10.

The situation added pressure and frustration on citizens, particularly vulnerable people whose purchasing power is lower or average.

The situation remains unaddressed despite reports, acknowledging the presence of manipulation and exploitation of the energy crisis.

In September 2022,  Morocco’s Competition Council acknowledge the government’s lack of political will to implement market reforms amid skyrocketing gas prices.

A new report from the Government Work Observatory listed similar concerns in a recent report earlier in February.

The report echoed the competition council’s concerns, stressing the government’s lack of willingness to tackle some of the crises resulting from soaring prices that affected almost all basic goods – including energy.

The observatory also criticized the government for its “refusal to address the problem of monopoly” with regard to hydrocarbons and its disregard for official reports, especially the report issued by the Competition Council, which clearly emphasized that the fuel market is subject to a monopoly.

In addition to national appeals, many organizations and institutions condemned the exploitation of energy crises by gas companies.

In August 2022,  UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres slammed the “grotesque greed” that some oil and gas companies have displayed.

The UN chief also urged governments across the world to “tax these excessive profits” to support the “most vulnerable people.”

“It is immoral for oil and gas companies to be making record profits from this energy crisis on the backs of the poorest people and communities, at a massive cost to the climate,” he said.

Source: MWN

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