Putin Did Not See the Need to Introduce Martial Law in the Russian Federation

In Russia, they are fighting against the agents of the Ukrainian special services, the President also said

In Russia, they are fighting against the agents of the Ukrainian special services, but they cannot do it by terrorist methods, like Kyiv, Russian President Vladimir Putin said; he also said that he saw no need to introduce martial law in the country.

“We must fight, we are fighting, we are doing it, and some of the results of this work are becoming public – the detention of agents of the special services of a neighboring state (Ukraine). Work is underway,” Putin said on Tuesday at a meeting with military commanders working in the special zone military operation.

“But I want to note something – unlike today’s Ukrainian authorities, we cannot act by terrorist methods. We still have a state, a country, and there is a regime, and they act, in fact, as a regime based on terror,” – Putin emphasized.

He noted that a very tough counterintelligence regime and martial law have been introduced in Ukraine.

“But I don’t think we need to do it now. We just need to improve and expand the work of law enforcement agencies and special services,” Putin said.

The President of Russia noted that it is necessary to take security measures in relation to those people who may be targets of terrorists. “Of course, both law enforcement agencies and the people themselves should think about and ensure security. But in general, there is no point in introducing some kind of special regime in the country – martial law. There is no such need,” Putin said.

Source : Interfax

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